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Euthanasia is a difficult decision we all have to make in our fur family members' lives. We believe that, regardless of the age, animals touch our hearts quickly and the decision to let them leave our side can be heartbreaking.

a room with a fish tank and couch at Fresno Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center

Fresno Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center provides euthanasia services 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.  We allow family members to be with their beloved pet during the euthanasia and allow for private visiting time following.  We will do our best to accommodate wishes during and after the procedure.

We work closely with the Fresno Pet Cemetery, providing cremation services (private and communal) to our clients.  Typically, we receive private cremations back at our facility in 14-21 business days, depending on holidays.  We will work diligently to ensure your pet is treated with the utmost respect throughout all aspects of euthanasia and aftercare.

PawPals Paw Print Keepsake Kit

All clients are given the option of receiving a paw print at no additional charge. This creates a life-long keepsake that your family can embrace for years. A small area above the paw print is available to place your favorite picture of your family member.  You are able to request an additional paw print for $29.40.

The cost of euthanasia, regardless if you and your family would like to be present, is $157.50. Private or communal cremation is additional to the $157.50.  There is no need to call prior to your decision, as we will try our very best to accommodate you and your family immediately. We do appreciate phone calls ahead, so our technical staff can be ready to meet your needs more readily.

For more information about the Fresno Pet Cemetery, you can contact them at (559)266-6753 or on their website at