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Veterinary Dentistry

Animal dental care and teeth cleaning are crucial aspects of maintaining your pet's overall health through preventative veterinary care. Our dentistry team can also aid with the treatment of any mouth-related pet health issues. If you have been referred to our dental specialists or would like to make an appointment, please click below.

Why Your Pet Should See a Dentist

Dental disease is one of the most prevalent diseases in cats and dogs. Our board certified dentists are specially trained in the evaluation of genetic and acquired diseases, as well as training in oral surgery. Medical records, dental radiographs, and laboratory work are often helpful when diagnosing dental disease. A full oral examination by our dentist will also help complete the diagnosis.

Regular dental cleaning and maintenance can prevent more serious health issues as your pet ages. Periodontal diseases are fairly common and potentially harmful to your pet, and can ultimately be avoided or mitigated by seeing a veterinary dental specialist at Fresno Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center. Our veterinary dentists provide the following services:

  • Dental cleaning

  • Dental surgery

  • Removal of teeth

  • Gum disease treatment and prevention

  • Mouth-related genetic defect treatment

What to Expect

Our veterinary dentists in Fresno are constantly pushing the envelope of animal dental treatment. We use a variety of methods to diagnose and treat pets that come in for either routine dental checkups or more serious and pressing health issues related to the gums, teeth, or mouth. The list below details some of the procedures we perform and offer to dogs, cats, exotic animals, and reptiles, and what you can expect when you bring your pet to Fresno Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center.

  • Lab evaluations and blood work: These diagnostic tools are used to determine the specific health problems that your pet is dealing with, along with any underlying causes that may have been missed by your regular veterinarian.

  • Dental X-rays: Our dentists utilize advanced imaging to quickly and accurately assess mouth-related health issues that your pet may be facing.

  • General anesthesia for both exams and treatments: Most pets need anesthesia for regular dental cleaning as well as for specialized procedures our dentists may perform. Our care team is well-trained to safely and effectively administer anesthesia to a variety of pets.

  • Medication: If necessary, your pet may require medication to treat ongoing or acute symptoms. Our veterinary staff can both prescribe and provide medications to help your pet on their road to recovery.


Once you have consulted with your primary care veterinarian and they have referred your pet to our dentist, you can call our office at any time. You will be asked to leave your information, including name, pet's name, phone number, primary care veterinarian, and reason for consultation. We will immediately forward your information to Dr. Niemiec’s front staff. During normal business hours, you can expect a call back within the hour. For the safety of all hospital patients, all dogs and cats must be leashed, crated or carried at all times. Retractable leashes must be locked at all times.

Appointments and consultations are approximately twenty minutes, depending on the severity of the case. Our dentist will review the medical record and dental radiographs (if applicable) before the examination of your pet.

All clients are presented with proposed treatment plans for medical care for their pet. After examination by our doctor, a treatment plan will be generated based on the medical needs of the pet. A pre-payment of the low end of the treatment plan is required for treatment.

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