Availability of board certified specialists on site is what makes Fresno Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center unique from all other 24-hour emergency clinics in the area.  We are the only facility in the Central Valley that has Board Certified Specialists in Emergency and Critical Care on staff and available to see patients.   We are home to nine specialty services, many of which are not available at other specialty practices in the Central Valley.

For more information about each specialty and our specialists, please click on the specialty name you are interested in and it will link to departments page.

What is a Board Certified Specialist?

Like human medicine, veterinarians may choose to specialize in one particular field such as surgery or internal medicine. In order to become a specialist, one must complete all requirements to become a licensed veterinarian. Once they graduate from veterinary school, one must undergo additional and extensive training. Residents must complete clinical experience in their chosen specialty, publish a clinical case or findings, and pass a credential review and board examinations.