Fresno Veterinary Specialty and Emergency is home to two permanent residents, PK and Mango.  Here is a little more about them!


Name: Pretty Kitty
Aliases: PK, Pretty Kitty Blogget, Black Mogget, Blogget
Likes: Avoiding the imaginary lava on the floor, stealing anything that is not his, opening the front door for homeless people, not paying attention to anything his staff minions say, taking over any available lap or box, and overall knowing that he is far superior than Mango.
Dislikes: Empty food bowls, being told no, and being dressed up in bee costumes for the entertainment of others.
What he’s looking for: A human who acknowledges his awesomeness.


Name: Mango
Aliases: Alice, Alice Kenmoreia, Honey Badger.
Likes: Showing her discontent on staff food choices, giving staff members the stink eye because of their food choices, her fridge, stalking the hallways, Bob, and eating PK’s left behind food.
Dislikes: People. Especially when they disturb her fridge time.
What she’s looking for: An escape.