Technical Staff

Team Member: Angie, RVT
Position at our hospital: Senior Registered Veterinary Technician/Technical Supervisor
Years in the veterinary field: 18 years
Favorite Animal(s): Cats
Her fur family: Gus and Chaos
A little more about Angie: “I am a 2000 graduate from UC Davis with a Bachelor’s in Animal Science, and worked at the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital (VMTH) for two years while obtaining my degree. For 5 years, I worked in small animal practice before moving to a specialty practice where I worked in the surgery and oncology departments. I have been with this hospital since its opening in 2006.”


Team Member: Wendy, RVT
Position at our hospital:  Senior Registered Veterinary Technician
Years in the veterinary field: 19 years
Favorite Animal(s): Orange Tabby Cat
Her fur family: Pirate (Boxer), Louie (Boston Terrier), and Jack Sparrow (Siamese), and Jude (Tabby)
A little more about Wendy: “I enjoy going to the beach with my son on weekends, particularly Morro Bay.  Currently, I am the specialty coordinator for Fresno Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center and love working with the many specialists we have.  On my off-time, I like listening to The Beatles and beer/wine tasting.  Some of my hobbies include, spending time with my son (I’m a sports mom!), managing Tower District events such as the Rogue Festival, teaching at SJVC, and craft beer tasting.”


Team Member: Donna
Position at our hospital: Senior Veterinary Assistant
Years in the veterinary field: 15 years
Favorite Animal(s): English Bulldog
Her fur family: Izaiah a Pittbull, Ezekiel an American Bulldog, and Adin an Old English Bulldog
A little more about Donna: ” I was born and raised in Hanford, Ca and later moved to Fresno when I turned 18 where I first started working for a day practice.  That’s when I met my mentor Dr. Gunner.  I remember as a little girl running around Dr. Cheney’s hospital helping my mother with treatments and cleaning cages.  I would tell everyone the freezer was doggy and kitty heaven.  Although growing up I wanted to be a police officer, I later learned my veterinary assistant skills were a gift and I couldn’t let it go to waste.  I have been with FVSEC since 2009 and love every minute of it.  Not a day goes by that I don’t learn something new in emergency or specialty care.”

Team Member: Lance 
Position at our hospital: Senior Veterinary Assistant
Years in the veterinary field: 6 years
Favorite Animal(s): Great Dane
His fur family: Rocky (Pitbull mix)
A little more about Lance: “I was born and raised here in Fresno. I grew up with a love and passion for animals. I enjoy outdoor activities of all sorts, mainly playing sports. I like my job because not only do I work with animals, but I get to help them when they need it most. My job is challenging and exciting at the same time, and I am always learning and growing every day. I am currently finishing up my pre-reqs to transfer to Fresno State for the Nursing program.”


Team Member: Melody, RVT
Position at our hospital: Senior Registered Veterinary Technician
Years in the veterinary field: 18 years
Favorite Animal(s): Birds and pygmy goats
Her fur family: I only have 11 dogs rights now, which is the fewest I’ve had in a quite some time.  I also have two house cats, a Goffin’s cockatoo, a cockatoo, 1 African Grey, a conure, two macaws, numerous lovebirds, 7 goats, and a sulcata tortise.
A little more about Melody: “My first job as a technician was intended to just be for experience that I could put on my vet application, but I soon realized veterinary nursing was my niche.  Looking back, I realize I have always had a tendency to want to care for injured and orphaned animals.  For my family, it was a normal thing to have anything from puppies to piglets in our house, usually in various stages of bottle raising or convalescence.   I remember my sister and I once had a pair of goslings, Burt and Ernie, that would follow us everywhere, including into the house.  That lifestyle had carrier over into my adult life, and I’ve be lucky enough to marry someone who supports me in all of my “animal projects,” the most recent of which is bottle raising a baby pygmy goat.  I have also recently discovered my passion for birds, specifically large parrots, and am working toward becoming involved in parrot rescue.  Last year I began teaching veterinary surgery and anesthesia class for the vet tech program at San Joaquin Valley College, and am enjoying it more than I ever thought possible.  I know I’ve chosen the perfect career for myself because each day on the way home from work, no matter which job I’m coming from, I think to myself, “Man, I’m so lucky!  I love my life!‘”


Team Member:  Francisco
Position at our hospital: Senior Veterinary Assistant
Years in the veterinary field: 6 years
Favorite Animal(s): German Shepherds, cats, tigers, and wolves.
His fur family: Bach (German Shepherd) and Galileo (German Shepherd)
A little more about Francisco: “My lifelong dream is to be a police officer in a K-9 unit but working with animals has always been on of my passions.  I always feel good when I come into work and save a life.  Working in emergency takes a different breed of people and I am proud to say I work with some amazing doctors and support staff.  When I’m not working at the emergency hospital, I am occupied with my other passion, playing music.  I have been playing music for over 15 years.  My main instrument is trumpet but over the years I have picked up guitar, bass, and piano.  On my days off, me and my dog like to go for runs and sometimes we drive to the beach and spend the day there.”


Team Member: JacquiDSC_0899
Position at our hospital: Registered Veterinary Technician and Technical Staff Educator
Years in the veterinary field: 6 years
Favorite Animal(s): Hippo
Her fur family: T-Bone (Pitt-Mix/Rockstar) and Izzy (Rott-Mix/My Fluffy Princess0)
A little more about Jacqui: “I’m a silly animal lover with a deep passion for this field.  I grew up a science geek and math lover and my love of animals seemed to be a part of me since birth.  I hope to use my drive and passion to help as many animals/people as possible.  I live to share my life goal with others.  I’m a young, positive, compassionate, nerd with a big heart.”


Team Member: Priscilla
Position at our hospital: Veterinary AssistantDSC_1018
Years in the veterinary field: 11 years
Favorite Animal(s): Horses
Her fur family: A horse named Falco, a Pitt-Bull named Pheonix, an American Bulldog named Leonidas, a terrier mix named Zee, and two cats named Denver, and Dexter.
A little more about Priscilla: “I earned my AS degree in Veterinary Technology in 2008.  I absolutely love my job and truly feel this is what I was meant to do the rest of my life.  I rescue everything from horses, dogs, cats, snakes, birds, rats, etc.  I love being outdoors, jogging with my dogs, riding my horse and playing with my crazy cats.  I enjoy client education/awareness in order to  keep their pets healthy and safe.  I especially enjoy venipuncture and seeing critical patients pull through the most amazing injuries and illnesses with the help of our amazing staff here at FVSEC.”



Team Member: Devi
DSC_1020 Position at our hospital:  Veterinary Assistant
Favorite Animal(s): Horses
Years in the veterinary field: 3 years
Her fur family: Tipsy (border collie mix), Reese (chihuahua), Gunther (Pitt-mix), Zena the Warrior Princess (DSH),  Sharkbait (cat), and a female Bearded Dragon.
A little more about Devi: “I’ve always brought strays home when I was younger and at the age of 11, I rode my first horse and absolutely fell in love.  I always thought I’d work with large animals but over time I decided I’d like to work with small animals in a vet office.  I’m very thankful for my family and current roommate for the support of me following my life long dreams of working with animals.”



Team Member: JacquelineDSC_1026
Position at our hospital:  Registered Veterinary Technician
Favorite Animal(s): Dogs and farm animals
Years in the veterinary field: 6 years
Her fur family: A chihuahua named Mary, a pit-mix named Tigger, and a hairless rat named Mr. Pinky.
A little more about Jacqueline: “I recently moved to the Fresno area from the San Fernando Valley where I was born and raised.  I obtained my A.S. degree from Pierce College and received my RVT license in September 2014.  Since I can remember, I always had a passion for animals and knew this was the career I wanted to pursue.  My love for animals grew each year until I was able to obtain my first job at a veterinary clinic and have been moving forward every since.”


Team Member: Amber
Position at our hospital:  Veterinary Assistant DSC_0020
Favorite Animal(s): Horses and cats
Years in the veterinary field: 4 years
Her fur family:
Peal-Lu, a white German Shepherd; Siren, a bottle raised 6 year old Torti (All attitude!); Spazzy, my 4 year old Tabby girl; and Pudden, my 10 month old kitten (also a rescue)
A little more about Amber: 
“I’m an active, married mom, of three precious human babies and four fur babies.  I went to school to become a veterinary technician and worked at a small animal practice for 3 years before becoming a mommy.  I have been at home with my children for 5 years and have decided to get back to doing what I love…working with animals!  I have three very special kitties and a goofy, sweet white shepherd.  I love to write, read, and take my children to the zoo in my spare time.”


Team Member: Jennifer , RVTgDSC_0022
Position at our hospital: Registered Veterinary Technologist
Favorite Animal(s): Any and all animals
Years in the veterinary field: 4 years
Her fur family: Princess, a Schipperke/Pomeranian mix, that has been with my during the most momentous parts of my life.  I also have Geass, a Maine Coon mix that I found as a 5 week old kitten wandering the streets.
A little more about Jennifer: “I grew up in Santa Cruz county and left after high school to attend Cal Poly Pomona, where I received my B.S. degree in Animal Science.  I am a major anime and video game nerd and proud of it!  I am a bit quirky, but that’s what makes me so interesting.”



Team Member: Sherieminion-1372252_960_720
Position at our hospital:  Senior Veterinary Assistant
Favorite Animal(s): All except spiders and insects
Years in the veterinary field: 16 years
Her fur family: Dogs, cats, chickens, and ducks
A little more about Sherie: “I’m quiet.”




Team Member: Shey
Position at our hospital:  Registered Veterinary Technician
Favorite Animal(s): Horse
Years in the veterinary field: 7 years
Her fur family: Ares an Australian Shepherd and Olive a kitty.
A little more about Shey: “I’m originally from Santa Cruz and moved to Fresno in 2014.  I came from human medicine (EMT) but realized animal medicine was my true passion.  I spend my free time with my two children, Chloe and Fox, and my fabulous husband.  We love movies, music, anything outdoors, as well as spending time with our dog and cat, Ares and Olive!”


Team Member: Johanna
Position at our hospital:Veterinary Assistant
Favorite Animal(s): Great Danes
Years in the veterinary field: 2 1/2 years
Her fur family: Two dogs
A little more about Johanna: “I graduated from SJVC in 2015 and have been working in the field since.  I love to travel and am addicted to coffee and all things Disney.”



Team Member: Chase
Position at our hospital:  Veterinary Assistant
Favorite Animal(s): Dogs
Years in the veterinary field: First Year
His fur family: 3 dogs (Mama’s, Papa’s, and CeCe) and a cat named Bee.
A little more about Chase: “I like spending time outdoors camping, hiking, and fishing.”






Team Member: Rachel
Position at our hospital:  Registered Veterinary Technician
Favorite Animal(s): Tauntauns
Years in the veterinary field: 6 years
Her fur family: About 3 dogs.
A little more about Rachel: “I recently relocated from Pennsylvania where I was regionally famous for a one woman show about the life and times of John Quincy Adams.  I departed the stage after the opera house where I honed by skills as an actress switched from Red Vines to Twizzlers (they are an inferior product).  In addition to amateur dramatics, I enjoy cartwheeling, vegetables, and the Spice Girls (only as solo artists).  As a disclaimer, I did not write this autobiography myself, I failed to fill out my bio for such a long time, I asked another staff member to speak on my behalf.”



Team Member: Raquel
Position at our hospital:  Veterinary Assistant
Favorite Animal(s): Dogs
Years in the veterinary field: 3 years
Her fur family: Bonnie (Dachshund), Rocko (Queenie mix), and Kevin (mixed)
A little more about Raquel: “I graduated from SJVC in 2015 and am the proud mother of a rambunctious 4 year old son.  I enjoy reading, photography, and hanging out with my family.  I’ve been happily married for a year and a half.”


Team Member: Danika
Position at our hospital:  Veterinary Assistant
Favorite Animal(s): All
Years in the veterinary field: 14 years
Her fur family: Maxx (Siamese mix) and Bailey (Corgi/Pom mix)
A little more about Danika: “I recently moved to Fresno and was also recently married.  I love camping, hiking, fishing, and kayaking.”


Team Member: Brenda
Position at our hospital:  Senior Registered Veterinary Technician
Favorite Animal(s): 
Years in the veterinary field:
Her fur family:
A little more about Brenda:



Client Service Liaisons

 Team Member: Bill 
Position at our hospital: Client Service Liaison
Years in the veterinary field: 9 years
Favorite Animal(s): Far too many
His fur family: Vincent Price (a majestic black cat) and Stu (bunny)
A little more about Bill: “I grew up in the Midwest and relocated to Fresno from 8 years of living in Northern California.  Having worked for the past 25 years, I’d have to say this is by far the most rewarding job I’ve had thus far.  Clients are quick to spot my other passion when they comment on my film strip tattoo.”



Team Member: Courtney
DSC_1019Position at our hospital:  Client Service Liaison
Favorite Animal(s): Cute furry ones (or stingrays)
Years in the veterinary field: 3 years
Her fur family: A lot of rescue cats!
A little more about Courtney:  “I have always had a passion for helpless animals.  I have rescued many cats and kittens over the years.  My friends call me the “crazy cat lady” because I have so many and always have a foster or two.  I love helping people and animals in all situations.  I graduated from CSU Fresno’s teaching credential program in 2012, but have chosen a different career path.  On my days off, you can find me watching movies with my fiance and cuddling our kitties.”



Team Member: SylviaDSC_1022
Position at our hospital:  Client Service Liaison
Favorite Animal(s):  Giraffes
Years in the veterinary field: 6 years
Her fur family: Shuko, a Pomeranian/Shih Tzu mix (looks like a mini golden retriever!)
A little more about Sylvia: “I have a Bachelor’s in Biology, and am currently looking into a Master’s program in Animal Science or Biology.  I am originally from Los Angeles, and LOVE sushi!  I enjoy traveling, even though I have yet to travel many places.”




Team Member: Peter
Position at our hospital:  Client Service Liaison DSC_1035
Favorite Animal(s): The Hungry Hungry Hippo and Dinosaurs
Years in the veterinary field: 2 year
His fur family: Lots,
A little more about Peter: “It is a little known and not true fact that Peter in an eccentric millionaire hiding from greedy potential inheritors.  While he misses home, he does not miss the cutthroat world of Salt Water Taffy distribution.  It is as well know (although far more accurate) to describe Peter as the quietish one that enjoys reading, board games, going to the movies and walks on the beach that are of moderate length.”



Team Member: AleenaDSC_0024
Position at our hospital:  Client Service Liaison
Favorite Animal(s): Sea Turtle
Years in the veterinary field: 1 1/2 years
Her fur family: Skar (shih-tzu), Jade (shih-tzu/pug), Nala (pittbull), Flipper (terrier mix), Coco (holland lop), Otter Popo (Netherland Dwarf), Mr. Hopper (mini rex), Bubba (goldfish), Gump (goldfish), Flash (pleco), and Blue (betta).
A little more about Aleena: “Helping and caring for pets is my passion.  I have worked with animals for 7 years and have enjoyed every minute of it.  I find veterinary medicine both fascinating and exciting.  I am more than happy working in the veterinary field and know it is the place for me.  I am expected to graduate in 2017 with my Bachelor’s in Animal Science.  On my days off I enjoy walking with my dogs, cooking, and traveling.”



Team Member: Dalia
Position at our hospital:  Client Service Liaison 
Favorite Animal(s): Dogs, goats, and cows
Years in the veterinary field: 2 years
Her fur family: Mickey (Chihuahua), Shaki (Chihuahua), Wera (Chihuahua), Camila (Chihuahua), Maite (rabbit)
A little more about Dalia: “I graduated from UC Davis in 2016 as an Animal Biology major.  I love working with animals and learning about animal behavior.  As an undergrad, I researched feather damage in parrots.  Moreover, I really enjoy learning about different cultures and traveling.”





Team Member: Kassie
Position at our hospital:  Client Service Liaison DSC_0028
Favorite Animal(s): Dog
Years in the veterinary field: 4 years
Her fur family: Three American Staffordshire Terriers
A little more about Kassie: “I love working in the veterinary field!  I think it’s so exciting and interesting.  I have always dreamed for working in this field and I am following my dream  I love to spend time with my three fur babies and watching movies are home.”



Team Member: Annie
Position at our hospital:  Client Service Liaison 
Favorite Animal(s): Cats and Dogs
Years in the veterinary field: 2 years
Her fur family: 3 cats and 1 dog
A little more about Annie: “I enjoy playing tennis and going on night runs/walks.  I am an animal lover who is passionate in continuing my education in the veterinary field.  Right now I have a total of four animals (3 cats and 1 dog).  I love cuddling with my fur babies and watching movies :).”




Team Member: Jessica
Position at our hospital:  Client Service Liaison
Favorite Animal(s): Wolf, goats, sheep, and moose
Years in the veterinary field: 3 months
Her fur family: Nala-a chubby German Shepherd, Pepper-deaf corgi/queensland, and Gumbo-flemish giant mix
A little more about Jessica: “I am currently a student at Fresno State, double majoring in Animal Science and Ag Education.  I own a herd of competitive Boer Goats and am part of Theismore Livestock Company, which was established in 2015.  I compete in state-wide and national goat events and enjoy volunteering at a sheep ranch in Sanger.  I am interested in livestock showing, genetics, and teaching.”





Team Member: Ashley
Position at our hospital:  Client Service Liaison
Favorite Animal(s): Labrador Retriever and Orca
Years in the veterinary field: First year
Her fur family: Labrador Retreiver named Koda and a Polish Rabbit
A little more about Ashley: “I dream of becoming a marine mammal veterinarian.  I am currently the FFA program president and compete on the veterinary science team.  One day I wish to attend CSU Monterey Bay.”







Team Member: Brandee, B.S.
Position at our hospital: Practice Manager
A little more about Brandee: “I have worked in the Veterinary field for over 16 years, first starting at 15 years of age as a kennel assistant in the Bay Area.  I moved to Fresno in 2001 to attend Fresno State, which I graduated from the 2005 with a degree in Criminology-Victimology.  While attending Fresno State, I worked at as an veterinary assistant at a local veterinary emergency clinic before taking an opportunity at Central California Veterinary Specialty Center (CCVSC) .  Following the passing of ownership in 2007, I was promoted to Practice Manager.  I worked as Practice Manager for CCVSC until our current ownership purchased the practice in 2009, where I continued my role as Practice Manger for Fresno Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center. In 2016 I was awarded the VECCS Practice Manager of the Year Award, and now sit on the VECCS Practice Management Committee.

I enjoy all aspects of my job, but find communication with clients and treatment of patients the most rewarding.  I am a firm believer in client education and open communication, and believe in offering the highest level of care to our patients and clients.

When not working, I enjoy spending time running with my dogs, cleaning my house (weird that I enjoy doing that!), cooking, and reading.  As the owner of parrots, a majority of my free time is controlled by them.  My other special interests include sports medicine, geology, and anatomy.  To this day I could not imagine not working with animals, and I am blessed to have a career working with them full-time.”

Team Member: Robertstaff-bob-mayorga
Position at our hospital:  Hospital Administrator and Owner
A little more about Robert: Bob is married to LeeAnn. Bob has a Bachelors degree in Occupational Safety & Health as well as an MBA. For twenty years, Bob ran 911 paramedic systems in Fresno, the City of San Diego and Alameda County. When not at work, which is very rare, he enjoys golf and gardening. At home he has numerous animals to tend to. Wilbur, an American Bulldog puppy who was fostered by Bob and his family since he was ten days old, recently became a permanent member of the household.

Team Member:  LeeAnn Dumars, DVM, ABVP (Canine and Feline Practice)
Position at our hospital: Veterinarian and Ownerstaff-leeann-dumars
A little more about LeeAnn: Dr. DuMars was raised in Pennsylvania on a farm. She moved to Idaho after high school where her father retired. LeeAnn graduated from the University of Idaho with a B.S. She studied Veterinary Medicine at Washington State University. After graduating, she decided she was tired of rain and cold weather and came to practice in California. Starting off as an equine practitioner, LeeAnn switched to small animal medicine. For three years she worked at a veterinarian practice before opening her own practice in 1992. When not working, she enjoys horseback riding, family activities such as baseball and soccer games. LeeAnn and Bob live in Clovis on property they share with a conglomeration of pets, including horses, pot belly pigs, dogs, fish, rats, cats, and a lamb and goat. She has a son named Tyler and a daughter Rianna.